"An effortless and visionary interpretation."
"Sucked in if you didn't book, cause it's sold out... Loved it so much."
Sometimes Melbourne
"A terrific idea sharply executed."
Sydney Morning Herald

Presented in Melbourne's Fringe Festival 2015, Suburbia puts the fantastical and mundane into bold contrast as an audience is driven around back alleys, side streets, and dead ends in a unique and unconventional performance experience. 

Winner of The Evolution Award presented by Arts House, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015.

October 2015, North Melbourne

Directed by Davina Wright
Devised by Gold Satino
Performers Cazz BainbridgeRoss de Winter, Carolyn Butler, Claudia Nugent, Anneli Björåsen, Xavier O'Shannessy, and Davina Wright
Produced by Xavier O'Shannessy
Costuming by Ross de Winter
Music Design by Simone Gustafsson

Photo Credit Rebekah Kamsky