Seduction is a drive-in/drive-by performance of excruciating intimacy set in a landscape of bleak urban grandeur. It is about friendship. About sex. And bodies. And how women who aren’t dancers dance. It’s about reverse parking. Falling over in carparks. Tinder dates. Believing you’ll never have sex (with another person) again. Silence.

Two women navigate the world, the violence of making performance and the seduction of art, friendship, and how their feminisms are different and the same.

September 2019, Docklands and West Melbourne

Writers/Directors Davina Wright and Meredith Rogers
Performers Cazz Bainbridge, Ross de Winter, Claudia Nugent, Shelley O’Meara, Xavior O’Shannessy, Meredith Rogers, Glynn Urquhart, and Davina Wright
Composer Glynn Urquhart
Costume Designer Cazz Bainbridge
Stage Managers Mikayla Kelly and Grace Vestuto
Marketing/Publicity Cazz Bainbridge and Xavier O’Shannessy
Producer Xavier O’Shannessy

Photo Credit  Pier Carthew

Photo Credit Pier Carthew



Grayson has been in this carpark for ten thousand two hundred and sixty-one years. She’s been waiting for you. So she can show you the gaps. Between her world and yours.

This is Grayson is the story of a little girl who lives between worlds. She wants to show you who she meets and what she sees. She wants you to know what it’s like to live in the in-between. Not just for kids and not just for adults. Gold Satino made the show that they needed when they were young queers, awkward outsiders yearning for someone to see them. An intimate, surreal and immersive journey through Newport’s forgotten lands.

This is Grayson received four Green Room Award Nominations in the Contemporary and Experimental Performance panel and received the awards for Innovation in Site Responsive Performance and Performance for Young Audiences.

September 2018, Newport

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Performers Ross de Winter, Cazz Bainbridge, Meredith Rogers, Claudia Nugent, Lachlan Motti, Glynn Urquhart, and Xavier O’Shannessy, Shell, with Hannah Cuthburtson
Composer Glynn Urquhart
Dramaturg Meredith Rogers
Stage Manager Bryce Ward
Producer Xavier O’Shannessy

This project was supported by Melbourne Fringe, Hobsons Bay City Council and Australia Council for the Arts.

Photo Credit  Pier Carthew

Photo Credit Pier Carthew



You leave the house. You get into a stranger’s car. You go for a drive. It’s not real though, because you met them online. Part simulated drive, part actual drive, part love song to being left alone. Or driving away. Or accidentally being hit by a car. Dion is an ode to fitness, heartbreak and the things you see when you choose to look.

Winner of Liveworks Experimental Arts Award, supported by Performance Space, and Best Performance, Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2016.

Winner Weekly Award for Best Theatre and the John Chataway Innovation Award, Adelaide Fringe Festival Awards 2018.

September 2016, North Melbourne
March 2018, Adelaide

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Devised by Gold Satino
Performers (North Melbourne) Cazz BainbridgeRoss de WinterXavier O'Shannessy, Lachlan Motti, Tamiah Bantum, and Davina Wright, with Eben Rojter, and Carolyn Butler
Performers (Adelaide) Cazz BainbridgeRoss de WinterXavier O'Shannessy, Lachlan Motti, Claudia Nugent, and Davina Wright, with Conor Wakefield
Design Ross de Winter
Sound Design Tom Davies
Lighting Consultantion Tom Willis
Producer Xavier O’Shannessy

Dion was developed with assistance from Arts House. Gold Satino would like to thank them for their generous support.

"A fringe lesbian revenge art grenade." The Age

Photo Credit  Pier Carthew

Photo Credit Pier Carthew



Devised as an exploration of isolation in Australia's native landscape, and spawned from adolescence in rural Victoria. Scrublands offers a fragmented retelling of lore and loss.

Presented in La Trobe University's Moat Festival 2016.

March 2016, Bundoora

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Devised by Gold Satino
Performers Cazz BainbridgeRoss de Winter, Carolyn Butler, Claudia Nugent, MJ Hughes, Xavier O'Shannessy, and Davina Wright
Stage Manager Frankie Peg
Ushers Sam Nugent, with Lachlan Motti
Driver Dave with a big car



Presented in Melbourne's Fringe Festival 2015, Suburbia puts the fantastical and mundane into bold contrast as an audience is driven around back alleys, side streets, and dead ends in a unique and unconventional performance experience. 

Winner of The Evolution Award presented by Arts House, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015.

October 2015, North Melbourne

Director Davina Wright
Devised by Gold Satino
Performers Cazz BainbridgeRoss de Winter, Carolyn Butler, Claudia Nugent, Anneli Björåsen, Xavier O'Shannessy, and Davina Wright
Costuming Ross de Winter
Music Design Ryan Gustafsson
Producer Xavier O'Shannessy

"An effortless and visionary interpretation."

"Sucked in if you didn't book, cause it's sold out... Loved it so much."
Sometimes Melbourne

"A terrific idea sharply executed."
Sydney Morning Herald



Played out of a house made of glass atop a hill overlooking the ocean. Oubliette is far more than a place for lost things offering a voyeuristic examination of the threat of violence. Presented with support from La Trobe University.

February 2015, Kilkunda

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Performers Cazz Bainbridge, Anneli Björåsen, Claudia Nugent, and Ross De Winter
Costuming Ross De Winter
Set Design Sarah Irvine
Sound Design RyanGustafsson



Presented in 2014's Anywhere Festival Frankston, this earlier season of Suburbia bore the foundations of 2015's sellout, award-winning production.

August 2014, Frankston

Director Davina Wright
Devised by Gold Satino
Performers Cazz Bainbridge, Anneli Björåsen, Davina Wright, and Ross De Winter
Costuming Ross de Winter
Sound Design Ryan Gustafsson



Peaches (And the Day All My Limbs Blew Off) reflects on that unique moment in your early twenties when you realise you're not special, you're just like everyone else; your mum has been lying to you all this whole time. Now what the fuck do I do?

March 2013, Bundoora

Director Davina Wright
Devised by Gold Satino
Performers Cazz BainbridgeDavina WrightRoss de Winter, and Xavier O'Shannessy, with Tony Tot



Loss, desire, delusion, and obsession collide as the accuracy of memory is challenged in The Jar Collector. First presented in March 2012 at La Trobe University Bundoora as Tumour Kinder.

May 2013, Brisbane
October 2012, Fitzroy

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Performers Cazz BainbridgeDavina Wright, and Ross de Winter
Sound Design Ryan Gustafsson