Cazz Bainbridge began pursuing acting while studying a Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe University where she double majored in English and Theatre Studies. In 2009 she headed to New York to train in the Meisner Technique at Ward Studio. She went on to join their graduate international acting company in 2011 performing in two US productions. Since returning to Melbourne, Cazz continued to further her acting studies under the mentorship of Kerry Armstrong. She has performed in various TVCs, film and television as well as multiple independent theatre works including 'Live Acts On Stage' at 45 Downstairs, 'Act a Lady' and 'A Feast' at La Mama Courthouse and 'The Subtle Act of Flirting' at the Butterfly Club. She is also a current member of the 2016 Boutique Theatre Ensemble, having previously performed into two of their productions. Cazz has been a member of Gold Satino since 2012, devising and performing in their past six productions, and additionally works as the collectives Marketing Manager.