September 18-29, 2019
Secret Location in the CBD, Melbourne

Seduction is a drive-in/drive-by performance of excruciating intimacy set in a landscape of bleak urban grandeur.
It is about friendship. About sex. And bodies. And how women who aren’t dancers dance. It’s about reverse parking. Falling over in carparks. Tinder dates. Believing you’ll never have sex (with another person) again. Silence.
But maybe it’s just about seeing a woman in the middle of a carpark and wondering. Who the hell are you?
Two women navigate the world, the violence of making performance and the seduction of art, friendship, and how their feminisms are different and the same.

Presented by Gold Satino
Written and Directed by Davina Wright and Meredith Rogers

Gold Satino is an experimental queer performance collective based in Melbourne. We are primarily interested site specific, nonlinear and immersive theatre that looks at loneliness, suburbia, violence and feminism. Since 2011 we have been filling suburban and urban landscapes with moments of performance that are visually epic, intriguing, alarming, human, endearing and just plain strange. Gold Satino frames the landscapes you see everyday in order to make you double take.

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