Photography by Pier Carthew.

This Is Grayson
Presented by Gold Satino
In association with The SUBSTATION

Writer/Director Davina Wright
Composer Glynn Urquhart
Dramaturg Meredith Rogers
Featuring Ross de Winter, Cazz Bainbridge, Davina Wright, Meredith Rogers, Claudia Nugent, Lachlan McColl, Glynn Urquhart & Xavier O’Shannessy
Stage Manager Bryce Ward
Producer Xavier O’Shannessy

Grayson has been in this carpark for ten thousand two hundred and sixty-one years. She’s been waiting for you. So she can show you the gaps. Between her world and yours.
This is Grayson is the story of a little girl who lives between worlds. She wants to show you who she meets and what she sees. She wants you to know what it’s like to live in the in-between.
Not just for kids and not just for adults, This is Grayson is for both to experience together. Gold Satino are making the show that they needed when they were young queers, awkward outsiders yearning for someone to see them.
You will meet a woman at The SUBSTATION. She will take you to a bus and you will go on an intimate, surreal and immersive journey through Newport’s forgotten lands. Bring your sense of adventure and your curiosity, and let Grayson show you the things hiding in plain sight.
This project is supported by Melbourne Fringe, Hobsons Bay City Council and Australia Council for the Arts.

Venue The SUBSTATION, 1 Market Street, Newport
Dates Sept 18 - 30, no show Monday
Time 7pm
Tickets Adults $30 / Kids $25 (must be accompanied)
Bookings or (03) 9660 9666


Gold Satino believes in the power of performance. Through creative and collaborative practice Gold Satino make site specific, nonlinear, experimental, and immersive theatre. They devise original works that move audiences outside of traditional performance spaces, and re-imagine what theatre is and can be. Based in the beautiful city of Melbourne where the collaborators of Gold Satino live and love.



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Ross de Winter, Anneli Björåsen, Claudia Nugent, Xavier O'Shannessy, Cazz Bainbridge, and Davina Wright for Gold Satino. Photographed by Pier Carthew.